The spice rub is what makes or breaks a Blackened Swordfish recipe. There are different variations of this recipe, and they are so different that they can even be considered as different recipes altogether. I have collected quite a few of these spice rub recipes myself, and until now I still have trouble picking out which one of them is truly my favorite. In this article, I will be showing you a couple of the different dry rub recipes for swordfish steak, or any other kind of fish for that matter, and I leave it up to you to choose which one you think is the best.


The Basic Blackened Swordfish Dry Rub

All you need for the basic dry rub recipe for swordfish steaks is a couple of simple ingredients that you may already have in your own kitchen. All you need is some dried and ground thyme, oregano, some cayenne powder, paprika, salt and pepper. The proportions of the spices are up to your tastes, if you want it a bit spicier, then you just add more pepper and cayenne to the mix.


Blackened Swordfish Dry Rub Version 2

Here’s another version of the dry rub I mentioned above, but with some minor tweaks that will add more flavor to the fish. Instead of using just plain black pepper, you need to grind together a combination of black, white, and red peppercorns, a couple of bay leaves, some dried basil, and a bit of garlic and onion powder. You should not use fresh garlic and onions because they will just burn too much and give a bitter taste to the swordfish; everything needs to be dry, that is why it is called a “dry rub” in the first place.


Cooking The Swordfish Steak

You need to pat the swordfish steaks dry using a paper towel, and then you brush some olive oil one side and then dredge that one side in the spice mix, making sure that the surface of the fish is evenly coated. You then heat a cast iron skillet until it smoking hot, be careful not to put any oil because it will burst into flame once it touches the iron. When the it is hot enough, place the spiced-side of the fish down in the hot skillet; be ready because a lot of smoke will come billowing out from the pan. Cook the fish for maybe four or six minutes, depending on the thickness, or you can just wait until the sides of the fish start turning opaque, turn the fish over, take the skillet off the fire, and let it cook for another three minutes or so.


You Can Use It On Anything

Blackened SwordfishThe great thing about the blackening spice rub is that it not only works well with swordfish, you can also use it on other kinds of fish, like mahimahi or tuna, you can even use it on pork, chicken, or beef. So when you make the spice rub for your blackened swordfish recipe, you may want to make some more just in case.