If you want a tasty meal without having to spend too much time in the kitchen, then I suggest that you try cooking blackened swordfish steaks. If you think that this kind of dish is too much for your level of cooking skills, then you will be surprised to find out that it is actually a pretty simple recipe that will only require a few simple ingredients and just a few minutes of cooking time; this is a no frills, hassle-free meal that your family will certainly enjoy.


Cajun Blackened Swordfish Dry Rub

The key to a nicely cooked swordfish is the blackening dry rub mix. This is actually inspired from a traditional Cajun recipe and it requires just a couple of simple herbs and spices that you can find in your own kitchen. The basic recipe for this Cajun dry spice rub is two teaspoons each of ground, dried thyme and oregano, a teaspoon and a half each of cayenne powder and ground black peppercorns, and a teaspoon of salt. This is just a rough estimate of the ingredients, you are free to make adjustments as you see fit, like adding more cayenne or black peppercorns to make it a bit more spicy.


Another Version Of The Dry Rub

The dry rub mentioned above is the most basic version of the creole dry rub recipe, if you want some more depth and dimension to your swordfish, here is another version that you can try out. You will be using the same ingredients that are mentioned above, you just need to add a couple more ingredients, like instead of using just ground black peppercorns, you will also add white and red peppercorns as well. You also need to add a teaspoon each of dried marjoram, ground dry bay leaves, garlic powder, and onion powder; again, this is not an exact recipe so adjust the combination of ingredients to suit your tastes.


How To Cook Blackened Swordfish

Now this is the actual part where you will be cooking the swordfish steak. You first need to pat the pieces of fish dry and rub extra virgin olive oil or melted butter on one side. You the need to sprinkle a liberal amount of the dry rub onto the oiled side of the fish; make sure that you coat the entire side evenly, you also need to rub it into the meat so that the flavors can penetrate deep into the fish. Heat a cast iron skillet on high until you see a bit of smoke, once it is hot enough place the swordfish steaks spiced-side down and cook for around five to six minutes depending on the thickness of the fish, turn the heat off and flip the fish over and allow it to cook for three more minutes.


In Closing…

Blackened SwordfishYou can serve this with a wide variety of side dishes; mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, or rice will be okay. There you have it, a delicious dish of blackened swordfish that took less than half an hour to cook from beginning to the end.