You may think that cooking blackened swordfish steaks is out of your league, but I am telling you that once you finish reading this article, you will be turning out perfectly-cooked steaks left and right. This is really quite a simple recipe that anyone can do. You only need a few simple ingredients and just fifteen minutes of cooking time.


The Dry Rub – The Key To A Great Blackened Swordfish

The dry spice rub is what will make this recipe stand out from the other swordfish steak recipes. The combination of the toasted spices will give the fish an intense flavor that you just cannot get anywhere else. You can buy a ready-made dry rub from the supermarket if you want, but it is actually easy to make one from scratch. All you need to do is mix up a teaspoon and a half of cayenne pepper, oregano and thyme powder, a teaspoon of freshly-ground white pepper, and some salt. This will make enough dry rub for two thick cut swordfish steaks.


Cooking The Blackened Swordfish

You need to pat the swordfish steaks dry using a paper towel and then brush one side with melted butter. You then need to dredge the buttered side of the fish on the spice mix, making sure that it gets an even, thick coating of the spices. Place a non-stick pan on your stove at the highest heat setting, and when you see the pan start to smoke, place the swordfish spiced-side down on the pan. This will most likely create a lot of smoke, so it is better that you turn off the smoke detectors in your house for a couple of minutes. While the fish is sizzling on the pan, brush some more melted butter on the other side of the fish. After cooking for around four to six minutes, turn the swordfish over and take the pan off the heat, the residual heat will be enough to thoroughly cook the fish; after three more minutes you now have a perfectly-cooked swordfish steak.


Other Variations Of The Recipe

You can make different variations of this recipe so that it will fit your tastes. For instance, instead of using just white pepper, you can use a mix of white, red, and black pepper. Or if you want some more spice in your dish, you can add some dried pepper flakes, just be careful of the smoke that will come out as it will cause your eyes to water quite a bit. There are also a lot of side dishes that will go well with your swordfish steak, like herb mashed potato, steamed brown rice, you can even place it on top of mac and cheese and it will still taste great.


In Closing

Blackened SwordfishAs you can see, it is quite easy to cook a delicious swordfish steak right in your own kitchen. So now you do not have to go to a fancy restaurant just so you can eat nice food, using ingredients found in your own cupboard you can actually make a nice looking, and even nicer tasting blackened swordfish steaks.