Blackened swordfish is one of those great dishes that people are willing to pay top dollar for in fancy restaurants. But did you know that you can easily cook it right in your own home? And, the best part about it is that it will take less than 15 minutes to prepare a complete gourmet meal. I have a couple of different swordfish steak recipes that I tried with my family and suffice to say, they absolutely love it, and I am sure you will, too.


The Blackened Swordfish Dry Rub

The most important part of the entire recipe is the blackening dry rub that you will apply on the fish. If you do a search on recipes for this type of swordfish steak, you will find many different versions using different ingredients, but the one I will teach you will require just a couple of ingredients that you may already have in your cupboard. You will need to combine one and a half teaspoons each of dried and ground thyme and oregano, and paprika or cayenne pepper, two teaspoons of salt, and a teaspoon of ground white pepper (black is alright if you do not have white). This will give you just enough dry rub for two eight ounce swordfish steaks.


Cooking The Blackened Swordfish

You will first need to pat the swordfish steaks dry with a paper towel and brush one side with melted butter, or olive oil if you prefer. Coat the oiled side of the fish with a generous amount of the dry rub and set aside while you heat your pan. It is recommended that you use a cast iron frying pan, but if you don’t have one a regular skillet or frying pan will do. Turn your stove on high and put a small splash olive oil on it, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan. When the oil starts to smoke, place the swordfish steak spiced-side down and let it cook for around four to five minutes, then turn off the heat and turn the fish over to continue cooking for two or three more minutes. There you have it, a perfectly cooked swordfish.


Side Dishes That Would Go Great With The Fish

You can serve the swordfish on steaming rice, or maybe even a herb mashed potato, or you can place it on top of a bed of spinach doused with some lemon juice. Even though one side of the fish looks a bit on the burnt side, it will not really taste bitter at all. The color comes from the caramelized spices that you rubbed on one side of the fish, the meat is actually perfectly cooked and the flavor that came from the spice rub would have permeated throughout the meat of the fish.


In Closing

Blackened SwordfishAs you can see, creating a healthy, hearty meal does not really take too much time at all. In just fifteen minutes or so, you have already made a restaurant-grade main course of blackened swordfish steak for you and your whole family to enjoy.