Many people think that they cannot cook a proper blackened swordfish steak, but I am telling you that it is actually a very simple recipe that anyone who has some experience in the kitchen can do. All you need are a couple of swordfish steaks (2 6-oz cutlets will do) and a couple of simple herbs and spices that you can find in your kitchen or local grocery.


Creole Spice Rub For Blackened Swordfish

The secret to a good swordfish steak is the blackening spice rub, and here’s a simple recipe that you can prepare in just a couple of minutes. In a small mixing bowl, throw in a teaspoon each of dried, coarsely-ground thyme, marjoram, and oregano, a teaspoon of cayenne powder, paprila, garlic powder, and onion powder, a teaspoon of coarsely-ground black peppercorns, and a teaspoon of salt; and there you have it, a creole blackening spice rub. This dry rub can also be used on other types of fish and meats; more on this will be discussed later.


Cooking The Blackened Swordfish

You need to brush extra virgin olive oil or melted butter on both sides of the swordfish steaks, then sprinkle a generous amount of the spice mix on one side of the fish (you can also put it on the other side if you wish), make sure that you place a complete and even coating of the dry rub, then set the fish aside. Place a cast iron skillet, or a heavy bottomed non-stick frying pan on high heat, wait until the surface starts to smoke before you place the spiced-side down (be careful because this will produce a lot of smoke). Let the swordfish sizzle on the pan for around five minutes or so, or until you see the sides of the fish start to turn pink, then turn the fish over and continue cooking it for around three more minutes.


Other Variations Of The Recipe

Besides swordfish, you can use other meaty kinds of fish like tuna or mahimahi; I have even used this same spice rub on roast chicken, and barbecued ribs. You can also grill the swordfish instead of flash frying it on your stove, or if you have some extra time on your hands, you can roast it in the oven with some vegetables. Speaking of side dishes, there are many things that actually go well with swordfish; mashed potato, steamed or fried rice, mixed veggies sautéed in butter, the list goes on and on.


In Closing…

Blackened SwordfishJust because you do not want to spend a lot of time cooking, that does not mean you have to settle for microwave dinners and takeout, you can still cook proper and healthy dishes in just minutes, all you need is some imagination and a very hot pan. A good example of a quick and easy recipe is this one for blackened swordfish, which only took less than half an hour; faster than even the fastest pizza delivery guy can get to your house.