These days, no one has enough time to spend cooking in the kitchen, which is why this blackened swordfish steak recipe is perfect for people on the go. Just because this recipe is fast and simple, that does not mean that it is bland and tasteless. So if you are ready to cook up a mean swordfish dish, here’s the recipe that you need to follow.



Blackened Swordfish Spice Rub

The secret to a good blackened steak of swordfish is the blackening spice rub that you use. Here’s a simple recipe that you can make using just the ingredients that you can find in your home. In a small bowl, mix together a teaspoon each of dried oregano and thyme, coarsely ground black peppercorns, cayenne powder (paprika is fine if you do not have cayenne), and half a teaspoon of salt. Blend all of these spices and herbs together and you end up with a basic blackening spice rub.


Cooking The Blackened Swordfish Steaks

Cooking the swordfish will take less than fifteen minutes so you need to pay close attention to the fish so that it will not burn too much. A word of caution before you begin; cooking the fish will produce a lot of smoke, so you should turn off the fire alarm before you start cooking, especially if your kitchen does not have a ventilator. So, to start, you need to place a cast iron pan or skillet on a high heat; this needs to be smoking hot to blacken the spices without overcooking the fish itself. While waiting for the pan to  heat up, brush one side of the swordfish with butter or extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkle a liberal amount of the spice rub on top. When the pan gets hot enough place the swordfish cutlets spiced-side down; this will cause the pan to smoke and sizzle. Brush more olive oil on the other side of the fish, and after five minutes or until the sides start to turn opaque, turn of the heat and flip the fish over and let it cook for another three minutes; and there you have it, a perfectly cooked blackened steak of swordfish.


Other Uses For The Blackening Spice Rub

Besides swordfish, you can also use this recipe to cook other meaty kinds of fish like mahimahi or tuna. In fact, you can even use the spice rub on chicken and pork; I have actually used this on grilled chicken and spare ribs, and they turned out great.


In Closing…

Blackened SwordfishJust because you do not have enough time to spend in the kitchen does not mean you should just settle for frozen TV dinners or meals from a can. You can actually cook a proper, and tasty meal in just minutes, all you need is a bit of creativity. A good example of a quick and easy recipe is this one for blackened swordfish which will only take you less than half an hour to cook from beginning to the end.