Blackened swordfish may seem like a complicated recipe, but it is actually a fairly simple recipe that you can make using ingredients that you already have in your kitchen, and it will only take you less than thirty minutes to finish from beginning to end; much faster than having a pizza delivered. So if you do not want to spend a lot of time cooking, but you still want an extremely tasty and nutritious meal, then this simple recipe for swordfish steaks is perfect for you.


Preparing The Spice Rub For The Blackened Swordfish

The secret to a good blackened, Cajun-style swordfish, is a good dry spice rub because this will impart flavor to the fish. You need to make this taste really intense because you will not be marinating the swordfish; so here’s a simple recipe that uses only a handful of simple ingredients. Mix a teaspoon and a half of dried ground oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, cayenne, and paprika, a teaspoon of coarsely-ground black pepper, and some salt; this will make enough spice rub to cover at least four 6-oz swordfish steaks.


How To Cook The Blackened Swordfish

Blackened SwordfishPlace a cast iron frying pan on the stove and turn it on high, if you do not have a cast iron pan, a heavy bottomed frying pan will do. While you are waiting for the pan to get hot, brush some olive oil or melted butter on both sides of the swordfish and then dredge one side of into the spice mix, do not skimp on the spices and really coat one side of the fish completely. When the pan is starting to smoke because of the heat, place the swordfish spiced-side down and let it smoke and sizzle for five to six minutes, or until you see the edges start to turn pink, and when it does, flip the fish over and continue cooking the other side for around three or four minutes. Serve the blackened fish on a bed of carrots and potatoes, or on some fried rice.


Variations Of This Recipe

Instead of using swordfish, you can use mahimahi, tuna, or any kind of meaty fish that you can get. In fact, you do not even have to use fish at all; you can use chicken breast fillets, veal cutlets, or even skinless pork chops. You can also use a grill if you do not want smoke to fill up your entire kitchen and actually add a smoky flavor to the swordfish.


In Closing…

Blackened SwordfishMost people do not even have enough time and energy to cook a proper meal once they come home from work, but if you use recipes like this blackened, Cajun-style swordfish steaks, you will find that it is actually possible to cook up something delicious in just a short amount of time. All you need is a couple of simple ingredients, fresh fish, and an extremely hot pan, and you will end up with a perfectly cooked, blackened swordfish steak; much better and faster than a pizza.